One-Stop Colorado Watercraft Insurance

Insuring your personal watercraft (PWC) in Colorado is a simple, one-stop action when you come to Trust Hall. We can identify precisely the coverage you need, and we know where to get it at the right price.

As an independent agent, we shop all the leading insurers; then we customize your PWC coverage to match your watercraft, whether it’s person- or wind-powered or motorized.

In other words, we’ll meet your needs quickly, simply and at best value competitive rates.

Understanding Colorado Watercraft Insurance

PWC insurance is not mandatory in Colorado, although if your craft is being financed, the lender may insist on it.

And although the state doesn’t make it compulsory, the cost of not being insured can be devastating if you get into an accident where people are injured or other vessels are damaged.

That’s why you often hear this coverage referred to as watercraft liability insurance in Colorado. That means simply that if you’re to blame for an incident, you’re liable for the cost of putting it right.

Of course, there’s more to watercraft insurance that that. Let’s take a look at the optional coverages we can arrange for you, depending on your needs, your priorities and your budget.

  • Colorado personal watercraft liability insurance as outlined above. This covers legal costs, settlements and medical costs.
  • Watersports liability, for when you’re towing a water-skier
  • Uninsured boater coverage — to meet some of your costs if you’re in an accident caused by another person who doesn’t have adequate coverage.
  • Damage to your own boat in an accident or while loading/unloading. Policies can be based on actual value or full replacement cost.
  • Coverage for other people using your equipment.
  • Loss or damage to personal items and trailers.
  • Breakdown, towing and recovery.
  • Pollution/oil spillage clean-up.

By the way, although we call it Colorado watercraft insurance, your protection can be extended to wherever you happen to be on the water. Just check in with us to make sure you have the protection you need.

What Types of Watercraft Can be Covered?

You name it, we can likely insure it for the different types of risks you face with jour watercraft.

These would include canoes and kayaks, windsurf boards, sailboats, pontoon craft, water scooters, jet skis (often referred to as Sea-Doo insurance or Jet Ski insurance) and more.

Some policies stipulate what they consider to be a watercraft. For example, they may exclude houseboats, motorboats, and powerboats. If your craft doesn’t fit these requirements, we can arrange other types of boating insurance.

What Does Colorado Watercraft Insurance Cost?

Obviously, that depends on the type of craft, where it is used and stored and the level of protection you opt for. You may also be entitled to discounts. Expect to pay from a couple of hundred dollars upwards — in other words, a small price for the protection it provides.

The Trust Hall Difference

When you insure your Colorado watercraft through Trust Hall, you’ll get a lot more than an insurance policy.

You’ll also get friendly, professional support right here in-state. We can answer your questions, provide advice on risks, monitor ongoing coverage rates, provide direct help when you’re making a claim, and meet you face-to-face if you want to discuss your insurance protection needs.

Furthermore, as an independent agent, we’re not tied to one insurer and we can often secure valuable discounts based on your insurability, multiple policies, your deductible, and your watercraft experience and security.

We make the whole process of PWC insurance protection easy to understand and arrange.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll look after the business of your insurance while you look after your watercraft fun!