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Umbrella Insurance

You Could Lose It All in a Blink of an Eye!

One day you drive to work like any other day but this is like no other day. While driving to work you are distracted and in an instant you find yourself hitting someone in the crosswalk.  You are concerned regarding the welfare of the person you hit and at the same time, you can’t believe this has happened. Your concern then shifts to you wondering if you have enough insurance coverage.  You remember reading about the importance of an Umbrella Insurance policy but you never did anything about it.   You never thought that something like this could happen but it has and now is too late to make any changes to your insurance.

In our society, three things work against you:

  • It cost nothing to initiate a lawsuit
  • Juries and judges are unpredictable
  • Defending yourself costs enormous sums of money

You have worked a lifetime accumulating the possessions that you have.  Not an ostentatious amount, but enough to make you and your loved ones comfortable. You need to understand that when you have hurt someone in an unfortunate accident, they want more because you have it.  That is why an umbrella insurance policy is so important, to help protect those possessions.

You have done everything that you could to protect what you have. You purchased an auto insurance policy and a home insurance policy but what insurance limits did you buy? $300,000? $500,000?

You now wonder if it was enough.

How will you pay the judgment? How will you defend yourself in such a lawsuit? Can you actually lose all you have worked so hard for? You sure can.

You need a policy that will pick up when the other policy limit has been used up.

You need the extra protection of an umbrella insurance policy.

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