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Arranging home insurance in Colorado should be an easy and great value, right? It should also take account of the cost of repairing or rebuilding, not just your home’s market value. And it should include enough coverage to protect all your precious possessions.
These are the foundations for a solid Colorado home insurance policy. But they’re just the start. You also want to know your coverage is in the hands of experts who are here to answer your questions and help you.
That’s why many Colorado homeowners and renters rely on Trust Hall Insurance Services for customized coverage and great customer service.
We work for YOU, not the insurance company. That means when you call us, you’re not talking to an employee of a BIG insurance company but talking to someone that has your best interest at heart.
The Trust Hall Colorado Home Insurance Program

We work with you to tailor a home insurance plan to your needs and budget and to protect you from the costly day-to-day risks you and your family face — everything from fire to theft, a cracked foundation to accidents on your Colorado property.

The main components of our program for home insurance in Colorado are:

  • Liability insurance to cover legal and medical costs if someone is injured in your
    home or if an incident on your property affects a neighboring home. You need this whether you own or rent, Colorado property insurance to protect against the cost of damage to the structure of your home (and external buildings and installations) from fire, vandalism, windstorm, lightning, and hail. A key component of Colorado homeowners insurance.
  • Contents insurance for loss, damage or theft of your personal possessions including furniture, appliances, clothing and much more. You need this whether you own or rent and coverage can either be for present value or full replacement cost. This coverage also includes protection for personal property when you’re away from home.

Additional Options for Your Home Insurance in Colorado 

There are several more types of home coverage that can strengthen your personal financial security, which your home insurance expert can explain and discuss with you. These include:

  •  Coverage for valuable items such as jewelry, antiques and other collectibles.
  • Colorado flood insurance (which is not included in standard home insurance)
    Umbrella insurance, a policy that raises the limits on a standard policy and kicks in when those limits are breached. For example, if your pet injures a visitor the legal and medical costs may exceed standard coverage. Umbrella insurance also covers other excluded risks like sewer or septic backups.

Insurance for Most Types of Colorado Homes
Trust Hall can arrange competitively-priced coverage for most types of homes in Colorado, including frame houses, apartments, manufactured homes, ranches, condos and secondary homes or vacation property.

Why Trust Hall is Your Best Choice for Colorado Home Insurance
Finding the best insurance at the best price can be difficult for an individual consumer. But the experts at Trust Hall will do this work for you. As an independent agent we can:

  • Shop all 22 major, reputable home insurance companies serving Colorado for the most appropriate coverage at the right price.
  • Secure discounts you may not know about, for example by having multiple policies, home security systems or high deductibles. Advise and advocate for you if you need to make a claim, with your own, named personal account manager. Monitor your coverage to ensure you get best value and to update it when needed. Provide for all your other insurance needs with the same high standards of service and value.

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