Health Insurance

Insuring Your Life & Protecting Your Income

Health Insurance

Even Healthy People Need It

If you compare the other types of insurance policies with a Health Insurance you will find that Health Insurance is the only type of insurance where you may need it or count in it each year. If your young and health you may not feel the need or importance of health insurance but what will you do if you get seriously injured? Do you think you will have the money needed to provide the level of care that you may need. You never know when that unexpected medical bill will occur which can leave you financially devastated. Don’t wait another minute to get your coverage.

The cost of health care increases each and every year. You may think you are healthy so you do not need to spend money on health insurance. That is like playing Russian roulette. Even though the cost of health insurance increases each year you are still better off having a health insurance policy to help protect you from the unexpected. It could protect you from the day when your doctor tells you that you have cancer and if you don’t have a policy at that time you will not be able to find one. All of the health bills will be your responsible. Do you have enough money in the bank to pay for those medical bills. if you don’t have health insurance it could lead to filling bankruptcy so don’t let that happen.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Over the years the shift has gone from individuals having coverage through there employer to now individuals needing to purchase their own insurance. If you are one of these people, you should be seeking an individual health insurance plan from now.

Why choose ? Because we are an independent agency offering real time health insurance quotes and online applications from multiple health insurance companies. We believe in total transparency. Compare options and then apply online from the convenience of your own home or office. The experts at will help you choose from:

  • HMO plans: An HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, is a specific type of health care plan that sets out guidelines under which doctors can operate. On average, health care coverage through the use of an HMO costs less than comparable traditional health insurance.
  • Major Medical: Provides benefits for most types of medical expenses that may be incurred. Offering more complete coverage with fewer gaps, major medical insurance covers a much broader range of medical expenses &ndash including those incurred both in and out of the hospital &ndash with generally higher individual benefits and policy maximum limits.
  • Surgical policies: Most health insurance plans sold today are major medical plans but there are a few hospital and surgical health insurance plans on the market. Surgical health plans often aren’t as comprehensive as major medical plans, but are typically less expensive.
  • Dread Disease Policies: Often called &ldquo cancer policies,&rdquo dread disease policies cover one or more dread disease: cancer, heart disease, or other major malady.
  • Hospital indemnity: A hospital indemnity plan provides a daily benefit for each day you are hospitalized — and this is paid without regard to the hospital expenses incurred. This daily amount is paid to you and the benefit is triggered simply by confinement as an inpatient.

Your Health Insurance Expert

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