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Need Personalized Flower Shop Insurance? It Can Be Arranged!

As a florist, your shop operates to the open public. Often times, flower shops have a large staff of employees that allow them to keep their doors open for extended hours. You may have an appointment set up with a customer or they may just walk in unexpectedly and want to discuss a special event.

As the owner of such a shop in Colorado, you have to be capable of juggling the work of your employees with your flow of customers. In order to be a successful business owner, you need to learn to balance these tasks and also make certain that all of your bases are covered with Florist Insurance.

The Florist Policies offered by Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc are designed to provide protection for flower shop owners like you from situations that you may not have considered. A power outage or refrigerator failure could ruin your stock of roses. One of your drivers could get lost and deliver wedding flowers to the wrong church. A customer could slip and fall while browsing your shop, suddenly you could find yourself faced with a lawsuit. Our experienced agents understand all of the risks and challenges that plague the florist industry.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance will protect your flower shop in the event of an unexpected accident. Accidents by definition are unable to anticipate and can happen at any time or place.

For example, one of your customers could accidentally drop an expensive vase while inspecting it prior to making a purchase, while another customer standing in the vicinity is injured by the flying glass. Someone walking down the sidewalk outside your store could trip on the welcome mat in front of your door and become injured in the fall. General liability included in your Flower Shop Insurance policy will protect your livelihood against the potential expenses associated with such events.

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owners Insurance policy will provide you with protection for the physical assets of your shop. It will cover damages or loss to the store as well as the contents that are inside your shop. If the roof is torn off in a terrible storm and the majority of your inventory is destroyed, the losses will be covered by the business owners portion of your Florist Insurance policy.

A business owners’ policy will protect you from the loss of equipment, software and critical electronic documentation as well. Your flower shop may use mobile computer equipment in order to keep your inventory updated as you complete deliveries and accept orders. If this equipment sustains damage due to an electrical surge or your data is lost because of a computer virus, your business owners’ insurance policy will help you with the cost of replacement.

Workers Compensation For Florist Shops

If you have one or more employees that work for you in your flower shop, you must also invest in Workers Comp coverage. In fact, all fifty states require you to have this type of coverage regardless of the number of employees that you have working for you and the type of work that they do.

If your employees are ever injured or become ill while they are on the job, Workers Compensation will help them. This coverage will pay for hospital bills or medical treatments that result from an on-the-job illness or injury. Your policy from Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc will also cover the cost of lost wages that incur during the time that they must take off work in order to recover from such an illness or injury.

If the illness or injury sustained by your employee is severe and leads to permanent disability or death, your Workers Comp coverage will pay the cost of final expenses or lost wages. These are crucial benefits that without your business will be unable to survive after such misfortune.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance will protect the vehicles that you use to conduct your flower shop business from damages caused by theft, vandalism, accident or other such incidents. This type of Flower Shop Insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your florist delivery van is ever involved in an accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance for florists may also cover the loss of additional business inventory and equipment. In addition, this type of coverage will also take care of any related emergency medical expenses that incur due to the accident. Best of all, you will also be protected in the event that the accident is caused by a motorist that does not have sufficient automobile coverage, or no coverage at all.

Surety Bonds For Retail Florists

As a florist running a retail flower shop, you may have a need for surety bonds in order to win certain contracts. A surety bond guarantees that you will accomplish explicit obligations as stated in a contract. For example, if you want to win a contract to provide the flowers for a wedding or supply all the arrangements for a large event, the client may demand that you are bonded before they will award the contract to you.

It is always important to discuss the needs of your flower shop with your insurance representative. In addition, you need to make certain that all of the particularities of the florist industry are adequately protected by your Florist Insurance in Colorado.

Running a flower shop can be rather stressful all on its own. Fortunately, Flower Shop Insurance from Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc is just the peace of mind that you need. All you have to do is complete the simple quote form to connect with a skillful and friendly agent. Then, you will be well on your way to acquiring the protection that you need from a provider that you can trust.

“As a leading same day floral, garden and gifting company, Veldkamp’s Flowers & Gifts, has relied on Trusthall Insurance Services to provide affordable, customized insurance coverage with outstanding personal service.

Trust Hall’s ability to handle our complex business model has proven to be a relationship that has not only saved us money, but allowed us the peace of mind that we are covered in any situation. We can stay focused on what we do best and leave the insurance business to the professionals.”


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