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Top Value Denver Commercial Auto Insurance Solutions 

Looking for commercial auto insurance in Denver? Its right here at Trust Hall the coverage you need, the extras you want, the service and support you deserve and the top value rates you can afford to pay

How do we know that? By working with competing insurers to get the best deals, by understanding clientsvery specific Denver commercial vehicle insurance needs, and by customizing a policy that meets those needs

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Denver

Yes, it’s the law on public highways throughout the US. But you don’t need too wide-ranging a policy that covers vehicles you don’t use. That‘s why a custom policy is a way to go. And that’s why an agent who knows how to build your policy is the best route to take. 

Furthermore, if you’re a small or work-from-home business owner driving your personal vehicle for business purposes, you need a commercial owner endorsement or a separate policy to give you the protection you need. 

On average, a claim on a commercial auto policy costs almost $50,000. So, if you don’t have coverage, not only will you be breaking the law but you could also face an unacceptably high legal bill. 

What Is Denver Commercial Auto Insurance? 

It’s a program we’ve developed for businesses in the Denver area and beyond that’s good for all the geographical areas in which you operate. Required and optional components include: 

  • Standard liability coverage for bodily injury or damage you or your drivers cause. 

Comprehensive and collision coverage to protect you, your drivers and your vehicles. Coverage for non-owned vehicles used for your business, such as rentals employee-owned, perhaps even for driving between business sites, Medical payments no matter who is at fault. Cargo loads in transit, including refrigerated contents. Coverage available for overnight parking. 

Breakdown coverage 

  • Towing and other emergency assistance services. 

Special coverage for certain passenger vehicles. Talk to us if you drive a rideshare vehicle. Uninsured and underinsured coverage to protect against an at-fault driver who doesn’t have adequate insurance

What Types of Commercial Vehicles Can Be Insured

We can provide coverage for just about every type of commercial vehicle, from single autos to fleetsThis includes: cars driven for business; light trucks, pickup trucks, box trucks, mobile food vehicles, delivery vans, construction site vehicles and trailers

Talk to us for guidance if you operate large trucks and semis

How Trust Hall Will Help You 

We have the expertise and experience to make sure you get the best deal on the right level of coverage for your needs

If your needs take your vehicles outside the United States, we can arrange appropriate coverage, including for oneoff journeys 

We use leading-edge technology to monitor Denver commercial auto rates and keep in touch with our clients and their requirements. We can act quickly to provide coverage for your changing needs and provide proof of insurance where required

We can usually secure easy payment terms so you can spread your costs across the year

We already have an established and wide base of satisfied commercial auto clients. So, were here, on the ground, to answer questions, help with claims or provide any other insurancerelated support you need

What if I Already Have Commercial Auto Insurance

Your policy may be up for renewal or review and youre wondering if your coverage is right and whether youre getting the best value

Thats easy and quick to resolve. Simply contact the Denver commercial auto insurance experts at Trust Hall for a quick, nocost and nocommitment response

And If I’m Just Starting Out? 

The same deal applies. Plus, we can answer your questions and advise on issues like risk management in your business

Either way, Trust Hall has the answers you need. Thats what were here for. Just call or message us now