Protecting All Your Toys

Plain Selling for Your Denver Boat Insurance 

When youre looking for boat insurance in Denver, you can save time and money with a quick call, visit or email to Trust Hall

Time: Youll save that because you dont need to shop around for the right level and type of coverage. Our Denver boat coverage experts will do that for you and customize your coverage as required

Money: As an independent agent, we work with all the major Denver watercraft insurance providers so we can secure the most competitive rates — and pick-up any available discounts, for example, for successful completion of safety courses. 

Do I Need Boat Insurance? 

Watercraft insurance in Colorado isn’t mandatory, but you’d be unwise not to have it. After all, most of the risks you face on water, including the safety of your passengers, are similar to those protected by auto insurance. 

Furthermore, a boat investment can be substantial — sometimes more than the cost of a car — so you need the peace of mind that only boat insurance can provide. Think of boat insurance as actually being an additional investment. 

What Is Denver Boat Insurance? 

You don’t need us to tell you that almost every type of watercraft is unique to its owner. So it stands to reason that, to be properly protected, you need a customized plan for your boat insurance in Denver. 

That said, there are a number of key elements at the foundation of every Denver watercraft insurance program. These include: 

Liability coverage for protection against lawsuits or settlements for any damage or injury you cause to another vessel or its passengers, or to a dock or marina structure. 

  • Medical costs for injuries, no matter who is at fault. 
  • Liability coverage for injury to any passengers you carry. 

There are also many optional extras we can add to your Denver boat protection policy, such as: 

  • Damage to or complete loss of your own watercraft, based on agreed replacement cost or cash value.
  • Damaged vessel towage. . Uninsured boater coverage
  • Equipment protection, including navigation and communications. 
  • Coverage for personal property

Protection against damage, theft or vandalism while your boat is in dry storageInsurance for your boat trailer

  • Mechanical breakdown

In fact, we can cover all or most of the risks you face on and off water. Just ask us. 

What Types of Watercraft Does Denver Boat Insurance Cover? 

The Trust Hall Denver boat insurance program can protect all types of personal watercraft (PWCs) — motorized, under sail or self-powered. This includes jet skis. 

How Much Does Denver Boat Insurance Cost? 

That depends on the type and value of the boat or watercraft and the competitive rates and discounts we can secure. It also depends on the type of coverage, particularly whether your coverage includes full replacement cost, as well as coverage amounts and any deductibles you agree to pay. 

Also, if your boat is laid up out-of-season, we can often arrange to suspend coverage. 

Overall, the cost is probably less than you think. A good starting point would be around $1.50 per year for each $100 of value. 

The Trust Hall Difference 

We’ve already answered some of the key questions here about boat insurance in 

Denver, but we’re happy to answer any others you have. And that’s just the start. 

We know and can advise on the rules and regulations about using Colorado waterways and beyond, including navigational restrictions on coverage. We have boat insurance expertise in-house and continuously monitor rates for our clients. We can provide boat coverage almost instantly and change or update it when required. 

  • We’ll advise and help you if or when you need to make a claim. . Were here on the ground for face-to-face meetings when you need one. 
  • We already have many satisfied boat owners among our clients. . We can usually provide monthly, easy payment terms. 

We can provide a fast quote for your Denver boat insurance, free and without obligation. 

So, contact the boat insurance crew at Trust Hall now and it’ll be plain sailing from here